3 Degrees Tactical (3DT) Training Division is an extension of 2nd Amendment Gun Shop and is owned and operated by Andrew “Mr. Wick” Wickerham. A Marine Corps combat veteran of over 8 years in the Special Operations community. Mindset, Manipulation, and Marksmanship is the heart and soul of 3DT's founding principals. And what helps structure the platform from where "Halls of Knowledge" and Experience from Marine Corps Special Operations Training doctrine, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) and NRA Law Enforcement Division (NRA-LED) curriculum.


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3 Degrees Tactical Training Division has educated, mentored, evaluated, qualified, and certified over 1,000 armed citizens and officers from Nevada State Security Police Officers, National Nuclear Security Administration; contracted Armed Guards of Private Investigator Licensing Board, Bail Enforcement Officers, and Las Vegas Metro Police Officers and the privately armed citizens across the United States, just to name a few.  Amongst the creditable academics taught by 3DT while on the range or at the podium would be described as Strategically Offensive/ Defensive/ Counter Threat Firearms & Tactics Scenario and Live Fire Enhancement, NRA Instructor Certification, Nevada Armed Guard Certification and Concealed Firearms Certification.

While the live fire continues the Training Division manages its time to assist in new future product development & testing for upcoming fortune companies. Weapons live fire evaluation, product research development & drop testing, and clothing durability using Las Vegas extreme desert environment as its application proving grounds.

3 Degrees Tactical